Linux Kernel – Tools/Scripts

Here are few tools/scripts which are useful for static analysis of code:

  • Checkpatch
    # ./script/ <patch_file(s)>
    # ./script/ --file <file_name(s)>
  • kmemleak
    Check kernel memory leak using kmemleak:

    # cppcheck <source-dir>

    Kmemleak usage

  • Coccicheck
    • make coccicheck MODE=<mode>


    ‘patch’ proposes a fix, when possible.

    ‘report’ generates a list in the following format: file:line:column-column: message

    ‘context’ highlights lines of interest and their context in a diff-like style.Lines of interest are indicated with ‘-‘

    ‘org’ generates a report in the Org mode format of Emacs.

    • To apply Coccinelle to a specific directory, M= can be used.
      For example, to check drivers/net/wireless/ one may write:
    make coccicheck M=drivers/net/wireless/
    • To apply Coccinelle on a file basis, instead of a directory basis, the
      following command may be used:

      make C=1 CHECK="scripts/coccicheck"
    • To check only newly edited code, use the value 2 for the C flag, i.e.
      make C=2 CHECK="scripts/coccicheck"
  • kselftest
    • Run kselftest install tool in tools/testing/selftests
       # cd tools/testing/selftests
       # ./ [ install_location ]
    • Default install tool: in tools/testing/selftests
    • Specify install location:
    # ./ /tmp
    • Kselftest install creates
    • Run tests:
# cd install_dir
# ./

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